WIMS Rugby 7s - Girls

This event is dependent on returning to Covid-19 Alert Level 1.  An email will be sent to participating students families between Friday 4th September and Sunday 6th September, confirming the tournament.

WHERE: Campbell Park, Morrinsville
WHEN: Wednesday 9 September (back up day Wednesday 5 August)
TIMES: Meet in CMS carpark by 7.45am, leaving CMS at 8.00am, expected return to CMS by 3.00pm
GAME TIMES: Games will start promptly at 9.30 am, 7 mins max each way with a 3 min halftime and 13 mins between rounds. 
GEAR: CMS sports uniform will be supplied, own PE shorts, socks and boots, mouth guard (compulsory), snacks, lunch, drink bottle and any medication required.
COST: $7 - Parents/Caregivers will receive an invoice via email from Cambridge Middle School.  Please pay by Friday 4 September 2020.

Mr Tian Hancke will be the teacher in charge on the day and taking the team. 

INJURIES:  A qualified first aider will be on-site to treat minor injuries e.g. strains, sprains and bumps. More serious injuries will be directed to Morrinsville Medical Centre. Cambridge Middle School will be taking a first aid kit too.

CONCUSSION: Due to the nature of this contact sport, it's been asked  that coaches and managers are aware of concussion symptoms and how to deal with it if it occurs. Here is a link, https://www.rugbysmart.co.nz/injuries/concussion/, from Rugby Smart about concussions.

- No pushing in the scrums.
- Each team requires a manager to run their team on the day.  Please indicate on the form below  if you're able to be a Team Manager for one of the teams.
- 12 players max, can substitute players at any time during a stoppage in play (lineout, scrum, injury break, halftime).
- All players must have mouth guard and boots

1. Players: Each team must have no more than 7 players on the playing area. A team may nominate up to 5 replacements/substitutes. A team may substitute or replace players during any time of the match (rolling subs).
2. Round Robin/Final: A match lasts no longer than 14 minutes plus lost time and extra time. A The match is divided into two halves of not more than 7 minutes playing time. 
3. Taking a conversion kick: the kick must be a drop kick (in front of the goal posts).
4. Foul Play/Sanctions: Temporary suspension – when a player has been temporarily suspended, the player’s period of suspension will be two minutes.
5. Kick-off & Restart Kicks: After a score, the team that has scored kicks off with a drop kick, which must be taken at, or behind, the centre of the halfway line. All the kicker’s team must be behind the ball when it is kicked. If they are not, a free kick is awarded to the non-offending team at the centre of the halfway line. Sanction: Free-kick at the centre of the halfway line.
6. Kick-off of under 10 metres and not played by an opponent: If the ball does not reach the opponent’s 10 metre line, a free kick is awarded to the non-offending team at the centre of the halfway line.
7. Scrum: Three in the scrum. A scrum must have 3 players from each team. All 3 players must stay bound to the scrum until it ends.
- A scrum is formed in the field of play, when 3 players from each team bound together in one row, close up with their opponents sot that the heads of the players are interlocked. This creates a tunnel into which a scum half throws the ball so that the players can compete.
- Halfback to put the ball in straight.
- No pushing at all due to first time rugby players.
8. How the penalty and free kicks are taken: Any player may take a penalty or free kick awarded for an infringement with any kind of kick: punt, drop kick, but not a place kick. The ball may be kicked with any part of the leg from below the knee to the toe but not with the heel.
9. Offsides: 10 m back from free kick and penalty kicks.
10. Lineout: 3 in the lineout, 10 m off-sides for the backs. Each lineout must have a gap.
11. Tackle: Must tackle below the line of the shoulders with arms wrapped around the player.
12. Ruck: When players on their feet are bound with an opposition – we have a ruck (no hands to play the ball).
13. Maul: When the ball carrier is held by an opponent and also have a member of their team, and can’t get the ball to ground.

Any questions, please email Tian at tian@cms.school.nz or Anita anita@cms.school.nz

Kind regards

Anita Hawkins
Sports Coordinator


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