New information around Face Masks

This is the latest information we have received from the Ministry of Education regarding face coverings/face masks:

Students are not required to wear face coverings wrapped around the nose and mouth on school transport. This includes buses or vans chartered or used by schools to carry students and staff. Good hygiene measures, contact tracing and staying away if sick will remain in place.

Students under 12 years of age are not required to wear face coverings on public transport at Alert Level 2.

Students aged 12 and over are required to wear face coverings on public transport at Alert Level 2 (as are the majority of New Zealanders).

Students and teachers do not need to wear masks/face coverings within the school setting. Any students or teachers who wish to wear face coverings wrapped around the nose and mouth/face masks at CMS may do so if they want too. 


Te Kura Takawaenga O Kemureti

School begins at 8.40am and ends at 3.10pm. Interval 10.40-11.00am Lunch 12.50-1.50pm

Cambridge Middle School is rather unique in that its Year 7-10 structure is only found in a handful of schools within New Zealand.

When you read The New Zealand Curriculum; page 41: you find it listed as a separate Learning Pathway. 'Learning in Years 7-10'. During these years, students have opportunities to achieve to the best of their abilities across the breadth and depth of the New Zealand Curriculum - values, key competencies, and learning areas- laying a foundation for living and for future learning.
Research indicates that these years are second only in developmental learning alongside the first 3-5 years of life. Research also suggests that the middle years of learning is the time when young people begin to make choices as individuals that will impact significantly on the rest of their lives.
Understandably, there is considerable diversity in how and when students move through this stage and what the impact of this development is on their attitude and success in learning. However; it is essential that we are able to maintain their interest and provide relevant, appropriate experiences so that they are ready for the senior phase of their learning. Knowing the student's learning needs after having them for two years, we are well placed to continue meeting their future needs without the transition to another learning institution. Four solid years here at Cambridge Middle School has the ability to set them up for senior learning which has its focus on NCEA.
Visitors to Cambridge Middle School are impressed with the quality of learning and the involvement of students in the Performing Arts. Students are a fair representative of our Cambridge community; happy, friendly and respectful of others. They enjoy sound relationships with staff.
Cambridge Middle School participates in Inter-Intermediate/Middle School Sporting and Cultural Events and is actively involved in:- Kids' Lit Quiz (Lit Quiz Regional Winners 2017); WaiMaths; Science Fair; Secondary Sporting Events; Winners of Pulse; Subway Stage Challenge; Strictly Jump Jam.
Our Arts Academy Class includes talented students in the following disciplines – dance, music and drama. Students audition for these highly prized positions. Our current kapahaka group is particularly strong and performs with dignity and mana.
Over the coming years, we can expect Cambridge Middle School to continue its educational initiatives to meet the needs of the Emerging Adolescent. Students will be expected to accept the challenge to shape their future and in so doing, live the school motto; "Reward in Endeavour".

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