Discover a world of musical possibilities at Cambridge Middle School! Our dynamic music programme offers fantastic opportunities for children to pick up a new instrument or advance their existing skills.

Singing/Vocal Opportunities:
This year, students can join optional singing workshops during class time. This is at no extra cost and is optional. Singing and vocal work will also be available through the School Choir.

Music Tutor Programme:
Our Music Tutor Programme lets students experience: acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums, electric guitar, flute, keyboard, piano, and violin. With 30-minute lessons once a week, our six highly experienced tutors engage around 150 students, weekly, in tailored learning. For more information about our Music Tutors check out the section below.

Flexible Learning Options:

  • Music Group Lessons: $20 per student (no more than 4 students in a group lesson)

  • Duo Lessons: Amount to be discussed directly with your tutor (no more than 2 students)

  • Individual Lessons: Amount to be discussed directly with your tutor (1-1 learning session)

Please note that Ministry of Education funding does not cover these lessons; invoices are sent directly by the music teacher each term.

For more information please see below. If you have further queries about Music at CMS, please contact our Music Specialist Teacher, Mrs Sacha Reichardt at


Catrin Wootton - Piano/Keyboard/Flute

Completing her Bachelor of Music degree with Honours in 2019, Catrin specialises in performance flute and Composition. She has over 7 years of teaching experience, with hundreds of students learning either flute or piano in the Waikato and East Auckland areas. Catrin believes in empowering students through music, ensuring it's fun and guides them to establish a fundamental understanding of music to carry through on their journey.

Chris Gale - Violin

Chris has been teaching the violin both in NZ and overseas for many years, and welcomes beginners as well as those who have played before. She has a flexible approach to teaching, incorporating both traditional and modern music. Chris is always open to new song suggestions from her pupils, so that they can play the music they know and like, as well as learning new material. She also offers the opportunity to progress towards Classical Graded Examinations for those who wish to follow that route.

Max Brown - Guitar/Electric Guitar

Max has been passionate about music ever since he can remember. He recorded his first song with his school friend in Year 6 and they called it ‘To the Max’. He studied a Bachelor of Music, majoring in Jazz Performance, at the New Zealand School of Music. 

Max is also an Olympian/Athlete, who competed in the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 for kayaking. With 18 years of guitar and music experience, he is extremely passionate about teaching kids how to dream and how to make dreams achievable.

Mitch Walker - Drums, Guitar, Ukulele and Piano

Mitch Walker is a professional drummer. For the past 5 years, Mitch has been tutoring full-time in schools across the Waikato, teaching various instruments and mentoring bands. He has actively participated in numerous musical projects, with his main endeavours being 'Rero Valley' and 'Full Bloom.' Additionally, Mitch has served as a session drummer for local artists and toured the country with different projects.

Music has always been a profound passion for Mitch since he was a child. The fusion of community and creativity in music allows him to pursue a career that he thoroughly enjoys.

Simon Koretz - Acoustic Guitar/Bass Guitar/Electric Guitar

Simon is a highly experienced guitar tutor, songwriter, recording artist and live performer. He has experience on the international stage, including performing with former Deep Purple and Black Sabbath bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes. Providing lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players on acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar, Simon helps students realise their potential and reach their musical goals.  

Brian Telfar - Drums

Brian Telfar is a professional drummer, who has played drums in various bands for 30 years. He has been teaching drums in various schools for 18 years. 

Currently Brian teaches students at Matamata Intermediate, Matamata College, Cambridge Middle School, Cambridge High School, plus some primary students and adults after school hours.

Brian teaches Beginners and Advanced students how to play by reading music and by ear (listening), he teaches from the Trinity and Rockschool programs from initial grade through to Grade 8. Brian also encourages and prepares students to sit the Trinity Drum Exams if they wish to.                                                         

Drumline is also available: This is a group of students, usually the top students who have had lessons with him for at least a year. These students play a variety of drum rhythms together, performing at school assemblies, local events, band camps and drumline competitions with great success.


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