Cambridge Middle School is excited to be able to offer you a very simple way to access important information from our school such as:

  • Easy access to your financial statements and the ability to pay through POLi.
  • The ability to view the details you have provided the school – including any medical information for your child(ren).
  • View attendance information.
  • Ability to view daily notices.


Changes to Bell times for start and end of day 2021

Kia ora whaanau,

We will be changing our bell start and end times for 2021. Due to the large increase in roll size we would like to make amendments to our bell times to help our students arrive and depart safely each day.

At this point in time we have at least three buses that arrive consistently after the first bell, meaning that a number of students are arriving late most days. By shifting our start time 10 minutes to 8:50am, this will allow all students to be at school on time. The intent is that this provides a more settled start to the day. 

At the end of the day, we will finish 10 minutes earlier at 3:00pm. This is to allow us to ensure that we have checked off the large number of bus students accurately. This earlier finish will also allow most of the rest of the school to have moved away from the school by the time the buses are departing, thereby staggering some of the traffic at this crunch point in the day. These changes will also support some of the SafeWays to school initiatives that will be trialled in 2021. The timing of our school day, along with the number of half days we are required to teach next year by the MOE, will be consistent with our primary schools and CHS in 2021.

Ngaa mihi nui
Daryl Gibbs


Absences can be notified to Cambridge Middle School the following ways:

Phone or Text - 021 0250 3796

Form - Click the button below to fill out our online absentee form 
Please ensure a reason for the absence is provided, your child's full name and class number.
Extended absences should be notified in writing to:


Children arriving at school late (after 8.50am) must be signed-in at the office.
Likewise, if you are removing your child from school prior to 3.00pm, they must be signed-out.

There is a tablet located on the reception desk specifically for this reason. All students' names are pre-loaded
and if you need assistance with this, please do not hesitate to ask.

If anyone other than your child's main caregiver/s is removing them from school, please let us know
in advance who this will be and approximately what time.



Term One 2021
Tuesday 2 February
– Friday 16 April

Term Two 2021
Monday 3 May 
– Friday 9 July

Term Three 2021
Monday 26 July
– Friday 1 October

Term Four 2021
Monday 18 October
– Thursday 9 December (Years 8/9/10)
– Friday 10 December (Year 7)


Waitangi Day
Monday 8 February

Good Friday 2 April
Easter Monday 5 April
Easter Tuesday 6 April

Queen's Birthday
Monday  7 June

Teachers Only Day
Thursday 1 April
Friday 18 June 
Friday 3 September
Friday 12 November
Monday 13 December

Labour Day
Monday 25 October


8.00am School buildings opened by caretaker

8.15am Office is open

8.50am Bell for classes to commence

10.40am - 11.00am Interval

12.40pm - 1.30pm Lunch

3.00pm Classes conclude

3.10pm Students to clear grounds/buildings except:
•  for sports/music practice
•  when prior arrangements have been made

5.00pm  Caretaker secures facilities






Download the stationery list you require from the class button below. We do not sell stationery at school; stationery can be purchased from the following places: 

  • Cambridge Office Products – in store 55 Alpha Street, Cambridge
  • Paper Plus – in store 54 Victoria Street, Cambridge
  • Officemax - You’ll find your child’s school stationery list online at
    Simply search for our school, select your child's classroom and follow the instructions on the website. 
  • The Warehouse - in store or online (from January) Click on ‘Search Lists’ at the top of the Warehouse Stationery page, then search for our school.

Please name every item before the first day of school. Students are expected to replace, by the following Monday morning, any items that run out or get broken during the year. Damaged or defaced books are to be re-covered or replaced immediately.


It is expected that school uniform be worn correctly and with pride

  1. Any student who has a piece of their uniform missing should carry a note of explanation, signed by their parent/caregiver.
  2. Hair ties are to be blue, red, white or black. No makeup is to be worn.
  3. Students should not wear a combination of PE or school uniform. It’s either one or the other.
  4. PE shorts may be black sport shorts or plain black active wear tights. No logos.
  5. Defacing of any garment or property is not permitted.
  6. Naming of any garment is a pre-requisite and could be checked periodically by the staff.
  7. Lost Property: This is kept in a container by Room 4.
  8. CMS hats are a compulsory item in Term 1 and Term 4. They must not be worn during class time.
  9. Jewellery that can be worn at school is a watch and one or two stud earrings per ear only. No other earrings, stretchers or body piercings. Bone carvings, crosses etc. may be worn but must not be visible. Medic Alert bracelets/medallions may be worn and visible.
  10. All black lace-up or buckle school shoes that do up, no slip-ons.
  11. Plain black sandals, not scuffs, slides or jandals.
  12. Socks can be navy, white or black. The crew or knee high length uniform socks. Correct colours only and no logos.
  13. Students need to wear the correct uniform to and from school. They can wear a navy, white, red or royal blue beanie, scarf or gloves with no logos, to and from school, but not at school.
  14. All items are summer and winter uniform. These can be worn at anytime during the school year. The aim of this policy is to allow students to wear their uniform to suit their needs and the weather conditions - it is also a cost saving method for families.

Cambridge Middle School Uniforms can be purchased from:

The Warehouse, 124 Wilson St, Cambridge

If the item you require is not available at The Warehouse please go to the customer service counter and order the items you require. Please phone the school if you are having difficulty sourcing the uniform you need.


Sports Uniform

Black rugby shorts or black active wear tights with no logos and team colour shirt.

Team colour PE shirts:

  • Koowhai (Yellow)
  • Kauri (Green)
  • Rata (Red)
  • Manaia (Navy)
  • Pounamu (Teal)
  • Paakura (Purple)

Please confirm team colour prior to purchase

Sports Hoodies can be purchased from Image Apparel, Empire Street, Cambridge and be worn at sports events and for PE at school only. The school logo is on the front of the hoodie and the student’s name on the back (optional). Please see for further information and to order. Sports Hoodies do not replace the Polar Fleece.

Students are allowed to wear sports clothes while heading home from school (but not to school unless otherwise stated for a sports day).

Casual Clothes Days

At various times throughout the year students may be given the option to dress in casual street clothes for the following reasons:

  1. As a means, usually at the request of the school’s Student Leaders, for raising funds. Present policy is - such days may only be used for raising funds for charitable purposes e.g. Daffodil Day. Any variance from this can only occur at the discretion of the Principal.
  2. Field Trips: There may be a time that casual clothes are better for a particular trip e.g. bush trip.
  • An amount is payable for all students who wish to take advantage of casual clothes day.
  • All clothing to be clean, tidy and in good repair, practical for school purposes.
  • Footwear is a must.
  • Make-up is not to be worn. Jewellery must adhere to the school policy.
  • New clothing is to be discouraged - existing wardrobe is all that is necessary.


Lunch orders are available Monday through to Friday

Online lunch orders are available throughout the school week. We are no longer accepting cash lunch orders in the school office with the exception of Chance Card Voucher Lunch orders. Your Lunchbox will supply lunches Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Gourmet Delicious will supply lunches Thursday and Friday.  

Your Lunchbox
WHEN: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday STARTING FROM Tuesday 9th February 2021
HOW: Order online at

  • Simply order before 8:00pm the night before you would like the lunchbox delivered and they will take care of the rest.
  • Please make sure you select the Cambridge Middle School menu, put your child's name/room number in the shipping details and select the date you would like it delivered.
  • You will need to do a separate order for each child.
  • Lunches are collected from the school office at the 10:25pm by our Lunch Monitors.

Gourmet Delicious
WHEN: Thursday and Friday
HOW: Order online at https://gdschoollunches.myshop...

  • All orders are to be placed by 9:00am on the Thursday/Friday you would like it delivered.
  • Please make sure you select the Cambridge Middle School menu, put your child's name/room number in the shipping details and select the date you would like it delivered.
  • You must do a separate order for each child, or their lunches will be combined in one bag with one child's name on the bag.
  • Lunches are collected from the school office at the 12:35pm by our Lunch Monitors.


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