School Guidelines

  1. Smart watches should have the communications function disabled during school hours. Phones must be given to the classroom teacher upon arrival at school and be turned off. Cellphones taken off a student for misuse will need to be collected by a parent/caregiver from a member of the Senior Leadership Team.
  2. Students arriving late or leaving early must sign in/out of the school office. (For health and safety purposes). Students who wish to leave the school grounds to keep appointments during the school day, or to do errands etc. in the lunch hour should bring a note, to be countersigned by their class teachers and a member of Senior Leadership Team.
  3. Cycle Transport: a) Students arriving at school by bicycle will dismount on the left hand side of the road and wheel their bikes into the stands. The reverse procedure applies as these students leave school. b) The cycle stands are out of bounds during the school day. c) Clare Street between Grey and Victoria Streets is a no cycle zone.
  4. All hair and nail colour must be the child’s own natural colours.
  5. No sweets, chewing gum or fizzy drinks of any kind are allowed at school. From time to time they may be given as a treat from the class teacher, or as part of a celebration.
  6. All damage to school property must be reported immediately to the office. Wilful damage to school property must be paid for.
  7. Valuables: a) Students are to be advised that items of jewellery are not permissible at school. b) Devices and IT equipment can come to school for use if it complies with our BYOD requirements. c) Miscellaneous: such items as watches, calculators, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc. should be clearly named.
  8. The school uniform must conform with points outlined on our website.
  9. Demonstrate respect always towards people, property and environment.

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