Daryl Gibbs - Principal

"I am honoured to have been selected by the Cambridge Middle School Board to serve and lead the learning for the Cambridge Middle School community.  My responsibility as the Principal is to ensure that your child continues to receive a high quality education within a safe, respectful and supportive environment. I believe the emerging adolescent is a very special and unique age group to teach. It takes a special balance of teaching knowledge, relationship building, caring and humour to be successful with middle school children. Children of this age are developing self-identity, opinions and an understanding of the world around them, and it takes people with a specific skill set and understanding to nurture them. I have a strong passion and commitment to developing programmes that support the academic, sporting, social and cultural development of our students. I look forward to working in partnership with you and your children."

Julie Dawick - Deputy Principal

"I am one of the Deputy Principals for Cambridge Middle School. I thoroughly enjoy my role and the responsibilities I have at CMS. As one of the Deputy Principal's I currently run the Health and Safety portfolio, EOTC and oversee attendance within Cambridge Middle School. All Senior Management deal with the pastoral care, behaviour management and welfare of our CMS students. I thoroughly enjoy working at Cambridge Middle School and am privileged to work with such an exciting and innovative team, dealing with an enthusiastic and diverse range of students and having such a supportive parent base and community."

Tagget Christophersen - Deputy Principal

"I am one of the Cambridge Middle School’s Deputy Principals. I am passionate about our school and all it has to offer our students. Some of my key responsibilities are curriculum, special needs education, pastoral care, behaviour management and performing arts. It is my privilege to support our students, families and staff to make the most of their time at Cambridge Middle School. I have high expectations of our students and support them to strive for excellence academically, socially and culturally. I look forward to working in partnership with you whilst your child is at Cambridge Middle School."

Bridget Watkins - Deputy Principal

"I am one of the Deputy Principal at Cambridge Middle School. My main responsibilities are student achievement, curriculum, and data analysis. I am also very involved in student welfare, and the teaching and learning programmes here at Cambridge Middle School. I am honoured to work alongside a wide range of students, and a great staff at a school where the focus is on nurturing adolescents and supporting them to achieve success."

Alistair Martin - Assistant Principal

"I am one of the two Assistant Principals at Cambridge Middle School.  I have responsibilities relating to curriculum and curriculum review along with being involved in pastoral care and guidance. I work with a vibrant management team and staff who create amazing learning opportunities for our emerging adolescents."


Trisha Honey

Room 21, Year 8
Team Leader

Ashleigh Frey

Room 22, Year 7

Vicky Gleeson

Room 23, Year 8

Margot Horner

Room 20, Year 7

Leanne Haddock

Room 22, Year 7
Room 23, Year 8

Natalie Marsh

Room 16, Year 8
Team Leader

Benjamin Heaton

Room 17, Year 7

Natala Pettit

Room 18, Year 8

Danielle Fuller

Room 19, Year 7

Deirdre Finn

Room 8, Year 7
Team Leader

Rebecca Quayle

Room 9, Year 8

Jacira de Hoog

Room 6, Year 8

Lucy Rowdon

Room 6, Year 8

Laura Stutz

Room 7, Year 7
Mon. Tues. Wed.

Lauren Gray

Room 7, Year 7
Thurs. Fri.

Ian Harrison

Room 13, Year 8
Team Leader

Suyen Steyn

On Leave

Georgina Glenn

Room 12, Year 8 

Belle Paterson

Room 11, Year 7

Carla McCree

Room 10, Year 7

Charlott Bayliss

Room 4, Year 7
Team Leader

Brianne Kellner

Katie Paterson

Room 3, Year 8

Tian Hancke

Room 2, Year 7

Katie Van Dyk

Room 1, Year 9 & 10

Theresa Valvoi

Room 24, Year 7
Team Leader

Katie Verhoeven

Room 14, Year 7

Gareth Cogan

Room 15, Year 8

Shelley Kennerley

Room 5, Year 8


Suzy Reid

Visual Art

Robyn Gibbeson

Food Technology

Catherine Bell

Erin Bracken

Fabric (Friday)

Jo Wright

Sacha Marnoch


Tracey Andrews

Performing Arts
Team Leader Performing Arts

Natalie Kirk

Digi Tech

Sophie Dewstow-Wright

Anita Hawkins

Sports Co-ordinator

Luke Hatton

IT Support

Taryn Power

On Leave



Paula Harvey

Office Administrator 

Angela Welten

Finance Officer

Krista Verdonk

Cherry Webber




Colin Hatton


Colin Pruden



Toni Paton

Arleen Bridge

Christine O'Connor

Linnet Hatton

Lorraine Shaw

Jane Maclennan

Delwyn Hawkings

Cathy McKay

Michaela Clark


Bob White - School Board Chairperson

Kia ora, My name is Bob White and I moved to Cambridge at the beginning of 2015 from Melbourne, Australia with my Kiwi wife who spent her childhood here in the Waikato. I have been involved in education for the past 40 odd years and I am now semi-retired working in consultancy work for education and business both here in NZ and Australia.

I have been a Principal of 5 large schools in 3 different states of Australia for a period of 25 years. These schools have been both single sex and co-educational and ranging from Year 1 through to matriculation. I was also a Supervisor of Schools in a Regional Educational precinct supporting primary, middle and secondary schools.

I have been involved in a variety of Boards of Management associated with different educational endeavours and thus I am keen to provide support to Cambridge Middle School.

My most recent position was on the Executive of an organisation which had the responsibility for the management of 50 schools across all states and territories throughout Australia. My role included the development of Strategic Planning, Formation of Senior staff especially Principals and Deputy Principals, Policy development and School Board support.

Students are central to any school and all consequent programs, organisation and structures need to have their development and interests at the centre. I have been privileged to work with some extraordinary young people over the years who will indeed make this world a better place.

Belle Paterson

Kia Ora, My name is Belle Paterson and I am the Staff Representative on the School Board. 

Rebecca David

I am excited about the opportunity to join the Cambridge Middle School Board. I grew up in Cambridge and I am an ex student of CMS.  I am married to Charlie and we have two daughters, one in Year 8 at CMS and one in Year 10 at Cambridge High School. For just over 18 years I have worked at Fonterra in various senior HR and Project Management roles with particular emphasis on Capability and Change Management. I am passionate about working with people to help unlock their potential, and I look forward to sharing my skills and experience with the School Board.  

Justin Read

Hi I’m Justin Read and I am married to Karen Barlow and have two children, Lachie and Isla. I am a Rural Manager with Heartland Bank covering Waikato and Northland. I have previously spent time as a Dairy Operations Manager and been self-employed as a dry stock farmer in the Wairarapa. We moved up to Cambridge from Pahiatua in 2008, where both children are being schooled. I am a great believer in developing people and understand how important education is to start this process. I look forward to being involved with the School Board.


The PTA is a pivotal, voluntary organisation formed essentially to fundraise for important equipment to assist with learning and teaching. Projects are approved by our School Board and our dedicated PTA work brilliantly to make things happen. Their motto is 'no willing person is ever turned away.'

This association holds its A.G.M. in April. The election of officers plus committee
members usually number 3-10 personnel - no willing person is ever turned away.
Two or three staff members are given the responsibility of representing their colleagues at executive meetings.


Maori enjoying and achieving education success as Maori
(2013 Ministry of Education, Ka Hikitia Accelerating Success)

How we bring to life this vision at Cambridge Middle School

To meet with our Cambridge Middle School whanau one to two times a term to discuss:
Ways to engage our Maori students in learning at school;
Ways to engage whanau, hapu and iwi positively in their Maori student's learning,
both inside and outside the classroom;
Ways to enhance our local curriculum to reflect the Maori identity, language and culture in each are.

Waiho I te toipoto, kaua I te toiroa
Let us keep close together, not wide apart

Kia mau ki to Maoritanga
Hold fast to your culture.


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