BYOD & Devices

Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD)
BYOD allows students to bring their own device (Chromebook, Netbook or laptop) to school. It is a tool to assist them with their learning. It allows them to access the internet.

There are a number of different devices that students use but if they decide to bring a device to school then there are certain requirements to be aware of.

Cambridge Middle School’s minimum requirements for a device to assist with learning at school are:

  • 7.9” screen;
  • At least enough battery power for 5 hours learning;
  • Internet capable;
  • Ability to create and edit documents using Google tools;
  • Suitable, durable bag/protective cover.

Please remember that ALL classrooms will have a minimum of one device/every two students so there is no real reason to feel that students will need to provide their own device. It is our strong belief that we have sufficient devices to allow students in every class to have access to devices when and if they are required for their learning.

The School Board continues to support us by providing sufficient devices for our classrooms.

Please don’t feel pressured to buy a device. School work carried out on a school device can still be picked up at home through their account and worked on. The Online Safety Use Agreement will govern the use and access of all devices at/from the school.

Google Apps for Education (GAFE Suite)

Students will have full access to the full Google Apps for Education Suite (GAFE) while at Cambridge Middle School. Students will use the tools provided to enhance and support their learning in a variety of ways. For the student to have full access to GAFE the school will need to activate a school Gmail account for the student. This email account will be monitored by the class teacher through Family Zone. Although the email account will be monitored by the class teacher, any parent/caregiver who would also like access to the email address and password can request it from the school so that you are able see what your child is using it for.

In the unlikely event that a student uses their email account inappropriately or otherwise breaches the online safety rules or Use Agreement; their email account will be suspended for a period of time. If the student leaves Cambridge Middle School, then their email account will be closed.


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