The Ministry of Education provides free transport to Cambridge Middle School under legal prescribed conditions.

These conditions make students ‘eligible’ to use the transport provided. Eligible Year 7 and Year 8 students must have a residential address that is 3.2km or further from Cambridge Middle School. This changes for our Year 9 and Year 10 students to 4.8km or further.

Bus transport is provided by Cambridge Travel Lines (Ph 078277363). If you are unsure whether your child qualifies for the school bus, or you do not know the name of the bus/route your child should be on, please call Cambridge Travel Lines not the school office.
** Once you know which bus your child is eligible for, please complete this form HERE as this will help us to produce accurate bus.

Please be aware that Cambridge Travel Lines is under no obligation to provide transport for ineligible students.

In choosing to send your son/daughter to Cambridge Middle School as an ineligible student in terms of transport, you are also taking responsibility for their transport to school. At this time, there is a bus service between Cambridge Middle School and Leamington. 

If you are unsure of eligibility please make contact with Cambridge Travel Lines 07 827 7363.

Transport & Cycling to School

RATIONALE: To maintain a Transport Policy with the emphasis on cycling, so as to have safety guidelines that home/school should adhere to as members of Cambridge Middle School.


  1. That all students who cycle at any given time, to and from school, wear (correctly) a safety approved helmet.
  2. That all cycles are kept to a minimum safety standard: a) each cycle to have two working order brakes handle bars, b) seats and wheel lockings to be in good working order
  3. Routes to and from school: If your child is going to and from school by a scooter, bike or walking, please take the time to go through with them the safest route. Do it with them so that they are confident and able road users.
  4. We endorse the police initiative of students not going through town.
  5. Clare Street between Victoria and Grey is a cycle-free zone.
  6. For field trips, when children are transported by vehicles all students are to be put in seat belts.
  7. Bus rules must be adhered to at all times whether commuting to and from school or for class/team field trips.


  1. For all students commuting to and from school and needing to cross State Highway 1 at any point, it is compulsory to use the pedestrian crossing.
  2. To ensure greater safety, adults and road patrol students supervise the crossing at the following times:
  3. Morning - 8.20am until 8.30am Afternoon - 3.10pm until 3.25pm
  4. The Kea crossing on Clare Street is patrolled every morning (8.20am until 8.30am) and afternoon (3.10pm until 3.25pm).

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