1. The home and the school have a shared responsibility to: a) define, promote and expect acceptable standards of behaviour travelling to and from school, and whilst at school, b) keep each other informed of breaches of that code of conduct and c) ensure that issues are discussed with all parties and a course of appropriate action taken.
  2. The Cambridge Middle School Board believes that students aged 10-15 years are capable of taking responsibility for their own behaviour and need to be supported as they work through the negative consequences which some actions incur. We also believe in the character building exercise of giving the student time and opportunity to bring issues to the notice of their parents prior to dialogue with/between school and home.
  3. Should an offence occur which breaks a law, every effort will be made to bring this to the attention of parents on the day the offence occurs or comes to the notice of the school. That contact may have to be at the parents place of work.
  4. Such other issues that occur, which affect the punctuality of the student for school, or the ongoing smooth running of the school will be given careful consideration and where deemed necessary, dialogue will be initiated with the caregiver.
  5. In every situation which arises, thought will be given to choosing a course of action which: a) is appropriate to the situation and b) is sensitive to the needs of the student/and others involved.
  6. Where counselling or other support is required, every effort will be made to meet the need of the student, either through the school or an appropriate outside agency.

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