Cross Country


WHEN: Thursday 17 June 2021 (TBC)

WHERE: Athletics Grounds in Vogel Street

RACES (2 options):
1) Competitive Race (approx. 2.4km)
This option is for students who enjoy running, are capable of running 2.4km without stopping, and for those who would like to see if they can qualify for WIMS Cross Country (11th August in Tokoroa).

2) Relay of 2-4 runners/walkers (2.4km)

  • This option is for EVERYONE! 
  • Relay teams need to be made up of 2-4 runners and the distances are 500m, 500m, 500m & 900m. Runners doing two or three laps must do them consecutively.
  • There are no year level/gender criteria for the relay teams with the idea that everyone can participate and have fun.
  • Students can run in both the Competitive Race and the Relay


  • Students need to wear their CMS PE gear.  
  • Footwear is optional (but recommended). If the ditch has water/mud in it then the options are either bare feet or shoes which MUST be taped onto each foot or they will be lost in the mud.
  • Students may dress up in their house colours with tutus, sensible face painting, hats etc.
  • Gumboots and umbrellas are highly recommended for all parent helpers and visitors.

COURSE MAP: Please use the link below

TIMETABLE: Please use the link below 

If you have any further queries please contact Anita Hawkins on 


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