Cambridge Middle School is a member of SIEBA and a signatory to the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016, administered by NZQA. We often have students at our school from China, Japan and Korea, both for long- and short-term periods of study.

Every year we host a number of Junior High School students from various parts of Japan. One school that visits us annually is Makuhari Junior High School. In return, our students have the opportunity to make an exchange visit to Makuhari Junior High School in September/October. 

They help form a group, comprised of 50 students from Maeroa, Matamata, Melville, Morrinsville, Peachgrove and Te Awamutu Intermediate Schools, Cambridge and Berkley Middle Schools, and Hamilton Junior High School. The 13-day visit is highly sought after and this experience stands each student in good stead in their future years.


Welcome to our international visitors

Cambridge Middle School welcomes inquiries from agents and parents of international students.
We offer places for both short-term and long-term students, as well as supervised education groups.

To enrol your child at Cambridge Middle School, please download the Application and Enrolment Form below,
fill out, scan and email back to:

Resources for parents and agents to download:


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