Totara Springs Sports Camp

2021 Totara Springs Information


During Week 5 of Term 3 from Monday 23rd August – Friday 27th August, we will be sending a team of 36 students to the Coast to Coast Intermediate Sports Camp at Totara Springs.

Each child will be expected to compete in a multitude of sports, not just their sport of choice – both winter and summer orientated, indoors and outdoors, both team and individual based.

The cost has been confirmed at $245 which will cover food, accommodation and transport. Families will receive an invoice by email and this fee needs to be paid by Friday 6th August. You can pay in one lump sum, or pay it off over the term in smaller amounts if that is easier for you.

To become a member of this team, the following criteria must be met:

  • Demonstrate a high level of sportsmanship and fair play.
  • Behaviour is maintained at a very satisfactory level.
  • The particular student is able to cope effectively with the boundaries the situation requires.
  • The fee being paid before the event

If you have any questions please email Danielle or Benjamin directly.

Danielle Fuller
Benjamin Heaton
CMS Totara Springs Coordinators


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