Classroom Placement Process

This is the process that the Senior Leadership Team at Cambridge Middle School follows to place your child with the teacher that best suits them:

  1. Our Deputy Principals will meet with a member of the Senior Leadership Team at your child’s current school to discuss each Year 6 student who is enrolling at Cambridge Middle School for the following year.

  2. Your child’s current teacher completes a profile form for Cambridge Middle School, which tells us a range of information about your child, for example curriculum strengths/ needs. This information is also passed on to their new classroom teacher, once classes are finalised.

  3. After the above is completed our Deputy Principals then read all the student profiles for students enrolling at our school for the following year and any further information supplied by the contributing school.

  4. We begin placing each student with a teacher from Cambridge Middle School that we believe will best suit their learning and behaviour needs.

  5. Once the lists are finalised they are sent out to the contributing school for their current teachers to review to ensure we have not accidentally overlooked any information they supplied to us about the social combinations of students.

  6. For 2024 enrolments, teacher, classroom, team/house information will be emailed directly to families in the week beginning 11 December.

  7. Our Meet the Teacher session for 2024 new enrolments will be in the last week of the school holidays on Thursday 25 January. Parents and students are welcome to visit our school to meet their new teacher in their new 2024 classroom anytime from 2.00pm through to 5.30pm.

You are welcome to come and meet with our Deputy Principals to discuss your child’s learning and behaviour needs in more depth. 

If you are an out-of-zone enrolment, it is highly recommended that you and your child meet with one of our Deputy Principals.

Please contact the school office on  or 07 827 5135 to make an appointment. Our Senior Leadership Team will also be available at our Open Days if you have any questions.


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